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Thursday, January 29, 2009

you're walking through my heart once more...

hooray! i went to the Met for my birthday and am now in love with Greek statues. i can spend two hours in there and it'll feel like two minutes! Hercules is my new fave (the younger version). I can appreciate the aesthetic much more now. i used to not even go in the Greek wing of the Met but i'm opening up to a newer perspective and this is an example.

I'd still like to hold onto my ability to find the beauty in everything...even a wall patterned by schrapnel. i was a little devastated when i realized this wall 'art' was made as a result of gunfire.

but, then i saw this photo of a dingy industrial space in russia and all of the sudden it was a little ethereal when the lights were turned on.

and i just luv this so hard.

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