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Friday, February 26, 2010

Unexplained Mysteries: Fibonacci Numbers

this makes me not feel like such a weirdo. sometimes i'm weird with numbers. like i can predict things by messing around with them. learning about Fibonacci makes it seem more organic and less neurotically charged...
definitely going to read up more on this...

Unexplained Mysteries: Fibonacci Numbers

saw this on TED also which combines crafting, sea creatures and math. am i in heaven!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Death & Taxes

yay i'm doing my taxes!

this is the first picture i got by googling, "pretty taxes".

doing my taxes only takes a few minutes, yet it's the waiting until all the w-2 forms are in before i can print out my form, double check the address to send it off and forget about. i think i only have two w-2 forms this year not counting the illustriously unfruitful school tax forms i get. one day i will get down to one w-2 form...one day. by then i also want an accountant. someone trustworthy like a guy named, Larry or something...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen died.  I heard of his suicide today.   His mother passed some days before.
From a man who creates clothes the way he did and even film that explored the depth of darkness - for beauty or worse, this is not an incongruence; although it is a tragedy nonetheless when someone takes their own life - celebrity or not.  the fashion world will miss you.  you leave a massive void to fill.  thank you Universe for giving us McQueen.

alexander mcqueen after the spring 10 show in Paris.

Fall 2009

another look from fall 2009.

a look from spring 10.  reminiscent of sea creatures
of the deep sea.  blue is the last color able to reflect
at depths of 2000 feet beyond the sun's light...interesting.

more of spring 10.  scuba-ness.
all pics from style.com

xoxo -S

Friday, February 5, 2010

i bought this book

i've lived here for years and only just now gone to the natural history museum.  all i was interested in were the sea creatures.  

i'm pretty sure i have a phobia about being near whales.

forgot my camera so i had to take a bunch of mobile ones that i'm not into uploading right now.  bluetooth is acting up...

i sketched this little guy while there earlier this week:

today i went through part one of two, of getting my tooth fixed.  afterwards i had nowhere to be and all my errands pretty much were taken care of via the phone.  sooooo what better place to waste some time in than Strand.  i went straight to the art books (tunnel vision - a blessing and a curse);  i pretty much looked at EVERY page of the vice photobook (i want it so hard).  and i bought this book on photography today, "the photograph as contemporary art".  i don't like to spend money on any book i am not sure i'm going to like buuuut i saw a few pages: 


mostly it's like a survey of a lot of photogs i like:

ryan mcginley

nan goldin

greg crewdson

just to name a few...

if i had to pick a medium...a camera would be it.  otherwise every thing i find is a medium.  yes, models with very little creative inhibitions and a sense of adventure are welcome...