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Monday, November 15, 2010


My relationship with coffee got so intense at times i didn't know how to control myself. i wanted Coffee every day and sometimes after work when i know i should just go home and relax. but that roasty aroma and the handsome brown color of coffee would always tempt me. au lait with lots of foam tickled right down my throat and made everything fit together. but i tried to break it off; i tried to see others: mr. tap, earl grey and even OJ, but nothing taste quite as satisfying as the frothy goodness and rush of mr. coffee. i need to kick this; i'm not getting younger and my nerves can only take so much of this, this caffeine. yet, everywhere i look it's all around me! hands cradling, warmed by sippy cups with fancy sleeves, cheap corner store fare and their flippy lids speaking to me in steam. venti, grand, 75 cents, a dollar-ten, everyone says it's okay to have it whenever, however, wherever...how can i escape you! i can't seem to quit you; at least not cold turkey, mmm cold, iced coffee - no! that would be too extreme...maybe after one more cup? yes definitely one more cup and i'll end it...definitely.