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Thursday, January 8, 2009

material world

photos: orly strings; derick's wall; soft meat

at the last minute i ran over to the IMMATERIAL exhibit at Black & White Gallery. Glad I did; rarely do I like mostly everything in the entire exhibit. What attracted me to it was Orly Cagan with what I felt were beautifully loaded embroidery everywhere; I felt like I was seeing the thoughts of every girl (universally speaking) when she meets a guy she likes: a progression of phone calls, extra time doting on image, sex, aprons, planting seeds (literally and figuratively) and all the while worried that it won't be enough to keep him from thinking about how you two used to be just minutes before - or years before the present moment you are (still) together.
and...Adam Niklewicz made me smile cos I felt the sculptures were so sweet and innocent and apparently based on memory of things (real or imagined) he's experienced. read on his website; it'll make you take notice on the little things (or not. whatevs). The lighthouse arm was my fave of his. Derick Melender made a wall that was tempting to touch and snuggle; everyone was 'listening' to it as if the shirts, sweaters and jeans would tell you who wore them last; i wanted it in my room, as a bed post, the place where i'd put a setee - yes. apparently it's for sale for $17,000! what recession?!
Tamara Kostianovsky made meat and it was great. meat has so many connotations and somehow this makes me feel like i like meat and it is not inhumane to do so. maybe because it was so soft and made of fabric. something about non-fabric things made out of fabric that i really like. making something out of fabric that isn't naturally so strips it of it's guilty associations...
like this:
I can be a vegan and snuggle up with a plush cow carcass. i can enjoy a three-layer cake if it's crocheted and not in my bloodstream. Orly did the same with cupcakes, pies and fancy dishes. go see her page if you like cupcakes and pink things (Guys, this includes female parts - go! and delete your web history after your're done - or not cos you're secure in your masculinity and you can look at art full of pink things and cupcakes! when your girl sees your web history she'll think you're really in tune with her and her battle with the virgin/whore conundrum.

Kristian Kozul's boots stood out and were so fun. thank you kristian for creating this out of your head. it's like i know they have spikes in them but i still want to wear them. girls bleed into their heels and stomp new york streets every day - how will these be different...??
Boots taken with my camera phone suprisingly came out decent - I LOVE how it sparkles in this photo! Brilliant!
And Kaoru Hirano to sum up: beautiful destruction of things of material value. the dress took up a lot of space...and is $12,000. for that much i'd like to wear it out though.

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