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Monday, February 2, 2009

juliana hatfield playing in the background will help us solve this

The terminally reflective 90s... when we'd all listen to college radio and remember all the obscure band's names whose lyrics were too personal. we'd watch sitcoms that all seemed to have that low-level indie music playing in the background (what was up with that!) while they had deep conversations about life. i miss those shows...where nothing blows up every two seconds and you could hear every tortured inflection in Angela's musing about Jordan Catalano or the trials of the party of five, and mustn't forget Dawson's creek or alien/human romance in roswell. I'm starting to see even more red hair, doc martens and nirvana tees cropping up in nyc than last year and incoming freshman look like they stepped off the train right from hot topic or the salvation army and conspicuous peace signs are back. still waiting for the Jordan Catalano hair to catch up with the guys though. c'mon guys get layered! just leave the hemp chokers at home, i don't think I'm ready for that yet...

and on another note so not the 90s but someone at work mentioned how 70s sitcom theme songs have a way of describing the entire synopsis of the show. hilarious! I immediately thought of Fall Guy. this makes me so happy.

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