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Saturday, January 23, 2010


just a few things...
Gossip Girl/Glee
art rap/bedroom pop
emo hair/blue hair
face piercing/dreading
double bag/no bag

someone said there are acres of diamonds right in your backyard.  i don't feel like looking up who this is but it's some guy from the 20th century.  anyway long story short i found amazing fabric for $2 a yard by my house and i can't wait to make dresses out of it and some clothes i have which didn't make the cut at Beacon's Closet.  instead of spending money on clothes these days, i've invested in a mini sewing maching for simple tasks like pillows, dresses and whatever else the thing is strong enough to make :)
some irredescent stretch fabric, floral print on pink 
and sparkly tough fabric.

INSPIRATION. ...currently getting inspiration from! drumroll...
RODARTE! the tribal looking marks - so rough yet girly.  and two of my fave people front row of the show; yeah good taste, do it.  detail of the skirt at Rodarte show.  raw edges, yum...and means less sewing of hems for me! yeaaah!

DONNA KARAN: always looks sophisticated 
without being inconvenient.  loving the big chain.  

RICK OWENS: loooove this metallic 
tissue dress.  i have to touch it.
future wedding dress?? um, maybe.
shoes are awesome cos they go with
everything in my closet. :)

also Yves Klein-ed my room.  The walls are blue.  a beautiful royal blue.  it actually darkens the room.  at night it looks like i'm looking into a void.  *weird*


runway photos: style.com

Monday, January 11, 2010

8th house.

momento mori has its place...on my fingers...

totally impractical on a daily basis yet creative and ideal for those times when you host a party at your loft and need to not be upstaged by the trapeze artist hanging from your pipes....

taxidermy done right. i ♥ this brooch.
these are all found here though she is based in Australia.

Also in love with the double layers vest and fringe necklace with patterned leggings from Elohim. the palettes are simple - mostly black or white. some of this can be found at Pixie Market.

Annnnd...I gave away a band jacket like three years ago cos i didn't want it to sit in my closet even though i KNEW the look would catch on.

I heart the Silence + Noise band jacket at Urban Outfitters better though...
The one i gave away had a million colors in it - i'd rather not have that P-Funk look...

xoxo -S

{first three images: julie deville
last image: uban outfitters.}