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Sunday, January 4, 2009

by the power of greyshkul

okaay, so it's been a while...
the holidays are over and party season is winding down and galleries are opening up from a long vacation again. my first one this year was a success. just enough eye candy to make the walk in 20ยบ weather worth it.
Guild & Greyshkul was a nice space over in SoHo. One of the entrances was a screen door (creeky wooden porch-style) and near it a tin tub full of ice and brew. classy. oh and there was a pianist playing in an alcove above us the whole time. he could be seen in the window outside too almost as if he was part of the exhibit.
art was dispersed in such a way that many including myself almost stepped on them. but it's all part of the exhibit right? i took pics of some of my faves that stood out. the picture on the left reminded me of an industrial city and the one on the right looked like ice cream scoops arranged on the floor. i love those colors together (pink, cream, chocolate). I thought the sculptures by artist, Trenton Duerksen were beautifully loaded with references to school my fave included a stack of horses in front of a chalk board (no pic). hmmm...
art doesn't give you immediate answers all the time it's like realizations that come in waves if you're lucky it comes at all.

Another realization I came across this weekend
was that impromptu Cheese & Wine nights are brilliant!

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