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Monday, November 15, 2010


My relationship with coffee got so intense at times i didn't know how to control myself. i wanted Coffee every day and sometimes after work when i know i should just go home and relax. but that roasty aroma and the handsome brown color of coffee would always tempt me. au lait with lots of foam tickled right down my throat and made everything fit together. but i tried to break it off; i tried to see others: mr. tap, earl grey and even OJ, but nothing taste quite as satisfying as the frothy goodness and rush of mr. coffee. i need to kick this; i'm not getting younger and my nerves can only take so much of this, this caffeine. yet, everywhere i look it's all around me! hands cradling, warmed by sippy cups with fancy sleeves, cheap corner store fare and their flippy lids speaking to me in steam. venti, grand, 75 cents, a dollar-ten, everyone says it's okay to have it whenever, however, wherever...how can i escape you! i can't seem to quit you; at least not cold turkey, mmm cold, iced coffee - no! that would be too extreme...maybe after one more cup? yes definitely one more cup and i'll end it...definitely.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

wake up!

so i've been behind in my fallon and caught the one with tracy morgan. this is so much better than checking my email in the morning and coffee (but i still got coffee). now i have a new favorite quote "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"

Release the KRAKEN! from gerard on Vimeo.

Monday, April 19, 2010

dreaming about maltese dogs led to this post...

may use this as a profile picture on social networking sites cos no one really should rely on social networking sites to get to know someone.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

today's version of the velvet elvis.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

inspiration from...2

E n j o y ...


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

inspiration from...

I got inspired today by the 
death of Corey Haim and made this t-shirt.  well i transformed one i already had/loved/teared.

"Death by Stereo"

The finished product.

i'm off...(to chat roulette)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

alaskan summer! alaskan summer?

i haz window way opened!  

it is over 50ºF this sunday and i am off.  i'm just miffed i didn't wake up earlier to go jogging.  i was out of bed at 1pm officially being that i worked til 1.30 am and watched an episode of Roseanne while eating Ben & Jerry's Colbert ice cream putting my bedtime at around 3am.  

i'm not layering much today but i'm all about the aa skirt i constantly wear in summer - today.  that's right legs you're coming out. today.  

Friday, March 5, 2010

do barbies dream of plastic sheep...?

i was thinking today about barbie dream houses...i used to want this one soooo bad. i remember playing with one at a girl's house and not really caring too much about her or her other toys...i loved the windows most. my first desire for modern design, right here:

instead i got the barbie penthouse with the elevator - which doubled as a jet propelled rocket for barbie whenever playing with my brother. egads.
saw some pics of barbies over the years and a flood of memories came back. all nice ones. i remember my very first barbie. yeah, it was still the disco era. she was so shiny! and flammable!

after that i'm not sure of the order. but, i definitely remember having this pink barbie. it's weird how i remember parts of her like the stole and how it felt. the polka dots...:

and day to night barbie was all about her career and going out seamlessly. this jacket was velvet!:

crystal barbie! her dress and stole were probably my favorite, everrr. the more barbie wore it the more crinkly it got and all these new patterns of irridescence would form. putting her near christmas lights put me in a stupor...it was bliss. and her jewelry ahh. i wonder what this would translate to on a real girl...hmm:

i think i had this barbie...i definitely had this outfit which happens sometimes when you play with other friends barbies. you suddenly acquire the top half of an ensemble and accessories. this was also velvet - what the hell, barbie...

i also remember having barbie and the rockers. probably the coolest

barbie i had:

yes! and i had the whole plastic band set with half stacks, mics, keyboard and keytar.
i used what i had to fill out barbie's world and my barbies and her friends (and sometimes ken, her loving silent but strong husband) would drive around in rainbow bright's car. hey, they fit, who cares...
i'm sure i could go on forever about this but...i'll save it for some other time.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

fairisle kind of day. winter grumble, grumble.

i was bored today as soon as i got to work (quel surprise) so i drew my sweater in paintbrush. in a way also a homage to the days when paintbrush was the only way being pre-photoshop.

i also have a photo of my cozy outfit today: paint splatted squin jeans a t-shirt as thin as tissue under my fairisle sweater. it's one of the few things i still have since highschool. and being that i moved 8 million times and lost/discarded/donated mad clothes in that time it's a feat to still have something i owned in the days when kurt cobain was still alive.

way to be awesome, fairisle sweater i bought in a thriftstore in levittown, pa, way to be. awesome.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Unexplained Mysteries: Fibonacci Numbers

this makes me not feel like such a weirdo. sometimes i'm weird with numbers. like i can predict things by messing around with them. learning about Fibonacci makes it seem more organic and less neurotically charged...
definitely going to read up more on this...

Unexplained Mysteries: Fibonacci Numbers

saw this on TED also which combines crafting, sea creatures and math. am i in heaven!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Death & Taxes

yay i'm doing my taxes!

this is the first picture i got by googling, "pretty taxes".

doing my taxes only takes a few minutes, yet it's the waiting until all the w-2 forms are in before i can print out my form, double check the address to send it off and forget about. i think i only have two w-2 forms this year not counting the illustriously unfruitful school tax forms i get. one day i will get down to one w-2 form...one day. by then i also want an accountant. someone trustworthy like a guy named, Larry or something...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen died.  I heard of his suicide today.   His mother passed some days before.
From a man who creates clothes the way he did and even film that explored the depth of darkness - for beauty or worse, this is not an incongruence; although it is a tragedy nonetheless when someone takes their own life - celebrity or not.  the fashion world will miss you.  you leave a massive void to fill.  thank you Universe for giving us McQueen.

alexander mcqueen after the spring 10 show in Paris.

Fall 2009

another look from fall 2009.

a look from spring 10.  reminiscent of sea creatures
of the deep sea.  blue is the last color able to reflect
at depths of 2000 feet beyond the sun's light...interesting.

more of spring 10.  scuba-ness.
all pics from style.com

xoxo -S

Friday, February 5, 2010

i bought this book

i've lived here for years and only just now gone to the natural history museum.  all i was interested in were the sea creatures.  

i'm pretty sure i have a phobia about being near whales.

forgot my camera so i had to take a bunch of mobile ones that i'm not into uploading right now.  bluetooth is acting up...

i sketched this little guy while there earlier this week:

today i went through part one of two, of getting my tooth fixed.  afterwards i had nowhere to be and all my errands pretty much were taken care of via the phone.  sooooo what better place to waste some time in than Strand.  i went straight to the art books (tunnel vision - a blessing and a curse);  i pretty much looked at EVERY page of the vice photobook (i want it so hard).  and i bought this book on photography today, "the photograph as contemporary art".  i don't like to spend money on any book i am not sure i'm going to like buuuut i saw a few pages: 


mostly it's like a survey of a lot of photogs i like:

ryan mcginley

nan goldin

greg crewdson

just to name a few...

if i had to pick a medium...a camera would be it.  otherwise every thing i find is a medium.  yes, models with very little creative inhibitions and a sense of adventure are welcome...


Saturday, January 23, 2010


just a few things...
Gossip Girl/Glee
art rap/bedroom pop
emo hair/blue hair
face piercing/dreading
double bag/no bag

someone said there are acres of diamonds right in your backyard.  i don't feel like looking up who this is but it's some guy from the 20th century.  anyway long story short i found amazing fabric for $2 a yard by my house and i can't wait to make dresses out of it and some clothes i have which didn't make the cut at Beacon's Closet.  instead of spending money on clothes these days, i've invested in a mini sewing maching for simple tasks like pillows, dresses and whatever else the thing is strong enough to make :)
some irredescent stretch fabric, floral print on pink 
and sparkly tough fabric.

INSPIRATION. ...currently getting inspiration from! drumroll...
RODARTE! the tribal looking marks - so rough yet girly.  and two of my fave people front row of the show; yeah good taste, do it.  detail of the skirt at Rodarte show.  raw edges, yum...and means less sewing of hems for me! yeaaah!

DONNA KARAN: always looks sophisticated 
without being inconvenient.  loving the big chain.  

RICK OWENS: loooove this metallic 
tissue dress.  i have to touch it.
future wedding dress?? um, maybe.
shoes are awesome cos they go with
everything in my closet. :)

also Yves Klein-ed my room.  The walls are blue.  a beautiful royal blue.  it actually darkens the room.  at night it looks like i'm looking into a void.  *weird*


runway photos: style.com

Monday, January 11, 2010

8th house.

momento mori has its place...on my fingers...

totally impractical on a daily basis yet creative and ideal for those times when you host a party at your loft and need to not be upstaged by the trapeze artist hanging from your pipes....

taxidermy done right. i ♥ this brooch.
these are all found here though she is based in Australia.

Also in love with the double layers vest and fringe necklace with patterned leggings from Elohim. the palettes are simple - mostly black or white. some of this can be found at Pixie Market.

Annnnd...I gave away a band jacket like three years ago cos i didn't want it to sit in my closet even though i KNEW the look would catch on.

I heart the Silence + Noise band jacket at Urban Outfitters better though...
The one i gave away had a million colors in it - i'd rather not have that P-Funk look...

xoxo -S

{first three images: julie deville
last image: uban outfitters.}