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Friday, March 5, 2010

do barbies dream of plastic sheep...?

i was thinking today about barbie dream houses...i used to want this one soooo bad. i remember playing with one at a girl's house and not really caring too much about her or her other toys...i loved the windows most. my first desire for modern design, right here:

instead i got the barbie penthouse with the elevator - which doubled as a jet propelled rocket for barbie whenever playing with my brother. egads.
saw some pics of barbies over the years and a flood of memories came back. all nice ones. i remember my very first barbie. yeah, it was still the disco era. she was so shiny! and flammable!

after that i'm not sure of the order. but, i definitely remember having this pink barbie. it's weird how i remember parts of her like the stole and how it felt. the polka dots...:

and day to night barbie was all about her career and going out seamlessly. this jacket was velvet!:

crystal barbie! her dress and stole were probably my favorite, everrr. the more barbie wore it the more crinkly it got and all these new patterns of irridescence would form. putting her near christmas lights put me in a stupor...it was bliss. and her jewelry ahh. i wonder what this would translate to on a real girl...hmm:

i think i had this barbie...i definitely had this outfit which happens sometimes when you play with other friends barbies. you suddenly acquire the top half of an ensemble and accessories. this was also velvet - what the hell, barbie...

i also remember having barbie and the rockers. probably the coolest

barbie i had:

yes! and i had the whole plastic band set with half stacks, mics, keyboard and keytar.
i used what i had to fill out barbie's world and my barbies and her friends (and sometimes ken, her loving silent but strong husband) would drive around in rainbow bright's car. hey, they fit, who cares...
i'm sure i could go on forever about this but...i'll save it for some other time.

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