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Thursday, March 4, 2010

fairisle kind of day. winter grumble, grumble.

i was bored today as soon as i got to work (quel surprise) so i drew my sweater in paintbrush. in a way also a homage to the days when paintbrush was the only way being pre-photoshop.

i also have a photo of my cozy outfit today: paint splatted squin jeans a t-shirt as thin as tissue under my fairisle sweater. it's one of the few things i still have since highschool. and being that i moved 8 million times and lost/discarded/donated mad clothes in that time it's a feat to still have something i owned in the days when kurt cobain was still alive.

way to be awesome, fairisle sweater i bought in a thriftstore in levittown, pa, way to be. awesome.


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