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Friday, February 5, 2010

i bought this book

i've lived here for years and only just now gone to the natural history museum.  all i was interested in were the sea creatures.  

i'm pretty sure i have a phobia about being near whales.

forgot my camera so i had to take a bunch of mobile ones that i'm not into uploading right now.  bluetooth is acting up...

i sketched this little guy while there earlier this week:

today i went through part one of two, of getting my tooth fixed.  afterwards i had nowhere to be and all my errands pretty much were taken care of via the phone.  sooooo what better place to waste some time in than Strand.  i went straight to the art books (tunnel vision - a blessing and a curse);  i pretty much looked at EVERY page of the vice photobook (i want it so hard).  and i bought this book on photography today, "the photograph as contemporary art".  i don't like to spend money on any book i am not sure i'm going to like buuuut i saw a few pages: 


mostly it's like a survey of a lot of photogs i like:

ryan mcginley

nan goldin

greg crewdson

just to name a few...

if i had to pick a medium...a camera would be it.  otherwise every thing i find is a medium.  yes, models with very little creative inhibitions and a sense of adventure are welcome...


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