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Thursday, May 21, 2009

so over damien hirst

i used to like Damien Hirst now I'm not so into it. It's not that i'm a hater now it's just that i'm seeing it in a different way than before. i'm not so impressed by it. back when i first realized who/what i was looking at in 2007, i thought it kind of genius. mother and child or the thing with the cows stuck with me - in fact most of the formaldehyde animal cross sections intrigued me. i saw it as: hey mother and child yet somehow this is very sad and creepy. like their dependency on each other is somehow their demise. maybe it's just a predisposed awe with the connection it had to scenes from The Cell (a visually stunning movie with a whatever canned plot) which took a lot of artistic references from works of art and an REM video. but anyway NOW it seems a lot are not liking him anymore. maybe he broke the dam that flooded the art market with dribble (sorry for the metaphor) overshadowing (drowning) some really exceptional emerging artists in its wake. i'm not sure i'm a sophomore at this. aesthetically i am over hirst though. there's only so many ways one can cover a skull in non-organic material and he's not innovative to me now.

i had this conversation with a guy i worked with in the village over the weekend. turns out he studied art and worked the industry yet he's so over new york and can't find a gallery job so he's booking farther north. when i said damien hirst is over rated he got a second wind like i'd said what he's been waiting to hear for a while. then he asked me what i did like and all i could think of was Fragonard. i think i like the colors and the flirtatiousness of it. it's not very sad and it's very organic.

i think a modern day version of this would be lastnightsparty or nickydigital where you see a slice of life that's very carefree and not at all moralistic. ha, Merlin is Fragonard...or is he caravaggio? hmm.

i didn't think i'd like renaissance all that much but i'm liking and re-liking some of the artists in that time. after all they are still influencing todays artists.

I saw something soooo absurdly amazing on BOOOM - where I get a dose of art every day (most local and emerging) -by artist Joshua Bronaugh and there seemed to be minimal brush strokes yet you knew exactly what it was... amazing.

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