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Thursday, May 14, 2009

hi, snark how are you?

it does nothing more than burn me up to read some of the entertainment news and today i saw something entitled "gals of summer" and yet again there were NO brown actresses. Megan Fox with an orange tan doesn't count as a brown girl. Brown girls are ALIVE, they are awesome they went to Julliard! propaganda is still among us and it glitters, man.

once i was so fed up i emailed urban outfitters about all the distinctly ubiquitous models and they wrote me back right away. i was somewhat relieved that they requested a portfolio of models i had in mind - an actual response and a cooperative one. too bad i didn't have any clients to propose to them. anyway, maybe in the future. i always see beautiful faces in the streets but i better act fast cos the swimsuit models they had this year made me want to poke my eyes out with a fountain pen dipped in lemon juice. not exaggerating. no form, no curves, no ass and no color. i won't be buying any of their swimsuits on that marketing faux pas. okay i could see not a lot of people having beautiful curvaceous asses, but c'mon they looked like13 year old boys! no curves anywhere.
the only thing my eyes did enjoy seeing in frivolous news is the new character in the latest Terminator movie. holy shit, Sam Worthington is perfect! and he has an australian accent. good lord...ironically this last bit seems to negate my vehement opinion on the narrow visual representation in fashion and film. but, i know what my eyes like and i think that even if there were more browns in media i'd still like the worthingtons out there. but, whoever let Iman slip in there...thank you. and i'm sure Bowie is thanking you too...

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