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Thursday, March 5, 2009


there are not enough hours in my days! i hope to go see some work by Caitlin Hurd. i can relate to the suburban ennui it looks like she represents in a lot of her artwork. i love her aesthetic and colors. also i want to see Lisa Lebofsky's work at the gallery in BK.
working 7 days and going to class in the eve is time consuming. i don't know how long i'm going to keep it up but i'm surprisingly not that tired, but i'm going to try and squeeze in some art things this week: looking at and creating some; i have an idea i want to do thanks to a certain Muppet i saw last week. There's something comforting about sitting around watching Muppets.

and here is a picture of my Blue Russian
cat wearing my legwarmer as a gentleman's scarf...

he's handsome.

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