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Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm so excited about getting new glasses. The last time i got glasses was in 1998 and they are the standard dark rectangular heavy frames suitable for all indie girls who love Bowie and make love to Sigur Ros. this pic was taken probably the last year i really wore them daily:

So saturday with a slight hangover - which is surpising cos I didn't drink a lot - maybe it's cos it was $2 Pabst.
And I went out with the intention of starting at Fabulous Frannies but i got the directions mixed up and ended up in the west village and not the east yet enjoyed a nice stroll through a part of the west village i've never seen. this is so possible being that there are so many nooks and streets in nyc and even a born and bred new yorker hasn't been on every street. so i'm enjoying my walk, the weather is gorgeous and i'm totally sold on moving to the village. it reminds me of olde city in Philly or yardley where i'm originally from in PA with all of the 8-pane windows, shutters and the people.

• • • • • •

so yes, about the glasses...after finally getting my fill i decided to hop back on the A train and head to union square. i stop at this one place on my short list and realize i've noticed this annoying yellow and black sign for years - it is MOSCOT. so i go to the door and there are two cops out front trying to - in an albeit laisez-faire way - coax this unconscious bum in a wheel-chair out of the lobby. this wasn't gonna stop me! so i ask, "are they open?!" and they're like yeah, go on up! so i go and see all this press on the wall. apparently Kanye West shopped here along with DeNiro and others - Great, this place is gonna be expensive. so...i went up and saw all of these frames and got excited when i saw Cazals but they were way too RUN DMC circa 85 so i kept looking and stopped on some Moscot brand frames. they were perfect - i might get two frames in black and grey. i have my first eye exam in like forever and i'll have new eyes next weekend woohoo!!

• • • • • •

I went out at the last minute as a Beatnik and met up with Booz and crew for the halloween parade + Booz came as a severed head in the fridge. scarlett came as black dahlia - i so luved her 50s glasses. there was frida khalo which was awesome. it was a good night - everyone was in a good mood and having fun, it was warm, yay halloween 2008.
The highligts were a guy dressed up as a 'money shot' complete with guy and bucket. not so much a highlight though as just low brow in my chronically refined opinion. there was a question on whether or not this guy was going to get laid and my assumption was yes cos there's always someone who will sleep with someone regardless of how obviously lame their costume. this was near NYU dorms. i avoided his spray and moved on. there were like a thousand Bee girls a few Urkels + some foreign guy was dressed as urkel and he wanted my email so he could email me a pic of us and i didn't give it to him even though he was cute and obviously not american. and my ultimate fave had to be at this bar we all went to in LES. i was standing near this girl and you know when you're staring at someone and you don't realize you are until they notice:

me (staring at her dress) "are you Baby?"
girl: yes! do you know you are the FIRST person who got that without me having to tell them?

apparently she'd planned this for a year and made the dress herself. apparently i was meant to be in that bar.

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