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Saturday, November 14, 2009

what does chanukah smell like?

Was in über home decor store and noticed all the holiday home accents.  you know the candles, centerpieces of dried unidentifiable shrubbery and nuts, stockings and the like...Yankee Candles pulled at my heartstrings reminding me of Christmases past with smells like, home sweet home, mistletoe, Christmas cookies.  then there are the glittery apples and balls and leaves in unnatural colors like blue for the Sophisticates' Christmas, which drew me to the Chanukah side of the accent aisle.  and looking through all the blue candles and sacks, the dreidels and gold coins, i couldn't find it.  i couldn't find a Chanukah smell.  and there were no alluding accents to nature or leaves or food or whatever.  then i thought, well, what does Chanukah smell like??  does it have a smell?  


TrenchcoatJedi said...

Probably not pork

selina said...

that's a shame. bacon is magic.