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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Queens: woohoo! worthy

talk about trying to find a balance!  i have to work tomorrow but i really want to go to QUEENS.  that other borough i've been avoiding since 2005 (along with the Bronx).  i don't think i've been there in like three years when i visited my friend at Flux Factory.  so yeah, this better be gooood...there's a show at the Queens Museum, Queens International 4 that has a plethora of artists, Queens artists, bikes and shenanigans at the closing ceremony.  New friend is co-curator and I definitely want to check it out...and old friends are band playing the event - The Unstoppable Death Machines!  I hope to make it! 

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Anonymous said...

I live in Queens and have scrubs for you. Maybe another inducement to come by, no?