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Saturday, December 6, 2008

In your face exhibit

So I made it out to BUIA Thursday night and saw a glittery obama painting (which i'm curious to know how it would be received/explained had he lost) and a large beautiful painting from Rachel Schmidhofer. I was talking to the subject (ms. venus) about the omission of name plates near the art; it appears some galleries make it a rule to not have them, maybe for aesthetic reasons. i'd love to hear what the artists would want. i also liked daniel and ion exhibiting there. i went to three all together and lastly to the MFA exhibit at Parsons.

On the
way from Chelsea
i saw this on a wall:
There were some good things at Parsons. it felt like going to someone's loft- it was kind of intimate, like going into someone's room. it was a maze of artists and hard to remember everyone but i do recommend snatching up some Parsons grad for something...

Today I'm hoping to get to the Hunter College gallery uptown and back down to Nurture in BK.

more to come soon when i have more food and less alcohol in me!

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